Liptovsky Jan, September 3-8, 2000

- Conference programme
- Photo of participants

1. Scientific programme:

The official programme will start on September 4 (Monday). Six 45 minute long lectures will be presented by invited principal speakers:
Benedetto Bongiorno: "Variational measures in differentiation theory"
Krzysztof Ciesielski: "New axiom consistent with ZFC and its consequence to the theory of real functions"
Aleksander Maliszewski: "Some problems in differentiation theory"
Endre Pap: "Pseudo-analysis and its applications"
Valentin Skvortsov: "Variational measures in the theory of the Kurzweil-Henstock integral"
Clifford E. Weil: "The Peano Derivative; Its Past and Future".

All contributed talks are 15--20 minutes.

Up to now the following colleagues have indicated their interest in the conference:
V. Balaz, L. Bartlomiejczyk, A. Boccuto, Z. Boros, M. Duchon, A. Dvurecenskij, A. Fatz, M. Ganster, R. Gibson, A. Gilanyi, Z. Grande, L. Hola, J. Jalocha, V. Janis, A. Jankech, S. Jankovic, M. Kalina, T. Keleti, A. Kolesarova, Z. Kominek, P. Kostyrko, B. Kubis, W. Kubis, A. Kucia, I. Kupka, J. Kurzweil, G. Kwiecinska, M. Laczkovich, K. Lajko, A. Markowska, M. Matejdes, R. Mesiar, L. Misik, O. Nanasiova, T. Natkaniec, A. Nowak, S. Okada, J. Olko, T. Ostrogorski, M. Pasteka, H. Pawlak, R. Pawlak, J. Peredko, D. Plachky, M. Potyrala, M. Sal Moslehian, A. Rychlewicz, A. Spakowski, M. Stojanovic, E. Stronska, R. Svetic, B. Swiatek, J. Szczawinska, A. Szaz, T. Salat, V. Toma, Tea V. Toradze, P. Vicenik , A. Wachowicz, J. Wesolowska, S. Wronski, T. Zacik. 

The official programme will be closed on September 8 (Friday) at noon.

[photo of participants of the 15th conference]

2. Proceedings and Abstracts:

The contributions have been planned to be published in a special issue of the Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications which will serve as conference proceedings. All contributions will be refered as usual. The detailed instruction will be given during the conference. [contents of the 19th volume]

The organizers plan to publish a booklet of Abstracts, which is considered as an active participation at the conference, and will be distributed at the beginning of the conference.

The one-page abstract should contain: title of the contribution, name(s) and address(es) of the author(s) (including e-mail address(es)), succinct statement of the problem and the result achieved.

We strongly appreciate to use the attached form for peparing a single file version of abstract using AMS-TeX.
Of course, other formats of TeX are available, too.

Authors are encouraged to use e-mail, but other possibilities (surface mail) are not excluded.

The deadline of abstracts is June 30, 2000.

3. Arrival:

Participants are expected to arrive on September 3 (Sunday). The registration desk will be located in the Main Foyer of the hotel and will be open from 2.00 p.m. During the conference there will be somebody available at the desk at all times.

If you want to arrive earlier please, let us know and we will try to arrange for the accommodation.

4. Transportation:

You can reach Liptovsky Mikulas by train

- from Bratislava (direction Kosice) (it's about 300 km);
- from Kosice
(direction Bratislava/Prague) (about 170 km).

Liptovsky Jan can be reached by bus from Liptovsky Mikulas (about 10 kilometers). The bus station in Liptovsky Mikulas is adjacent to the railway station. The buses leave from the platform 11 in almost every hour.
You should get off at the final stop "Dumbier". The fare is approximately 14.00 Sk (Slovak crowns) and should be paid to the bus driver.
The Hotel PLUS is situated near the bus terminal (1200 m) at the beginning of the "Janska dolina" (Jan Valley).

[Train and bus timetables]


5. Accommodation:

The accommodation and meals are arranged in the same hotel as the conference.
There are double rooms (with a shower and WC) and double rooms with a bath and WC for every pair of rooms. For an extra payment it is possible (for a limited number of participants) to have a suite. The charge for a suite from Sunday (September 3) to Friday (September 8) is 1000 Sk in addition to the normal price.
It will also be possible to stay in the hotel several days before or after the conference (please, let us know in advance).

6. Social Events:

The National Park surrounding Liptovsky Jan provides outstanding hiking trails. Swimming pool with thermal water is available in the village. There are also tennis-courts adjacent to the hotel, located itself in the forest.

A half-day excursion to a medieval town of Levoca, the place where medieval carver master Pavol lived and created his masterpieces, is planned on Wednesday afternoon (September 6).A bus will be available for those who wish to take part.
On Tuesday evening (September 5) a "get-together" party is planned.

7. Payment:

The cost of accommodation and full board per a day is 20 USD; the conference fee is 70 USD and covers use of the conference facilities, proceedings, excursion, refreshment, and party.
You will be asked to pay at the registration desk. Payment in Slovak Crowns or German Marks is also possible (1 USD = 40 Sk;1 German Mark = 20 Sk).

Programme and Organizing Committee

J. Borsik (chairman),
J. Dobos, R. Fric, J. Haluska,
K. Stefancikova (secretary)


Mathematical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences,
Gresakova 6,
040 01 Kosice

tel/fax: ++(421)(95)6228291

Please fill in and return this registration form before June 30, 2000.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Liptovsky Jan.