Second Announcement

1. Scientific programme:

The official programme will start on September 2 (Monday). It will consist of invited lectures and 20-minute contributed talks.

Five 45 minute long lectures will be presented by invited principal speakers:

Domenico Candeloro: "Decompositions of measures, and applications to stochastic processes"
Zbigniew Grande: "On some approximate quasicontinuity conditions"
Jun Kawabe: "Products and convolutions of vector measures and their weak convergence"
Miklos Laczkovich: ""
T. V. Panchapagesan: "The Bartle-Dunford-Schwartz integral in Banach and quasicomplete locally convex Hausdorf spaces"

All contributed talks are 15--20 minutes.

Up to now the following colleagues have indicated their interest in the conference: [list of participants]

[photo of participants of the 16th conference]

The official programme will be closed on September 6 (Friday) at noon.

The programme will be organized so that there is enough time for discussions and tourist activities. As usual, we plan one afternoon free of lectures.

2. Proceedings and Abstracts:

The contributions have been planned to be published in a special issue of Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications which will serve as conference proceedings. All contributions will be referred as usual. The detailed instruction will be given during the conference.

The organizers plan to publish a booklet of Abstracts, which is considered as an active participation at the conference, and will be distributed at the beginning of the conference.

The one-page abstract should contain: title of the contribution, name(s) and address(es) of the author(s) (including e-mail address(es)), succinct statement of the problem and the result achieved.

We strongly appreciate to use the attached form for preparing a single file version of abstract using AMS-TeX.

     % Title of the paper
     % author(s)
     % author's address
E-mail: {\tt
     % author's e-mail
     % text of abstract

Of course, other formats of TeX are available, too.

Authors are encouraged to use e-mail, but other possibilities (surface mail) are not excluded.

The deadline of abstracts is July 15, 2002.

3. Arrival and accommodation:

The conference will take place in the hotel EURO.

Participants are expected to arrive on September 1 (Sunday). The registration desk will be located in the Main Foyer of the hotel and will be open from 2.00 p.m.

If you want to arrive earlier please, let us know.

There are double rooms with a shower and WC (some twin rooms with shared WC and shower) and rooms with three beds (with a shower and WC).

Hotel EURO provides possibility to use the internet for its visitors. It offers recreation and sport activities. There is fitness, sauna, bike rental, and a tennis court adjacent to the hotel.

The meals are arranged at the same place.

The telephone number of the hotel EURO is ++(421)(52)4467453.

4. Transportation:

Stara Lesna can be reached by local train or by bus from Poprad.

You can reach Poprad by train

In Poprad you can use the local train to Stary Smokovec and then to Tatranska Lomnica. In Poprad, this train departs from a special platform (upstairs). You have to get off at the stop "Stara Lesna" (it is 17 kilometers and it takes about 50 minutes to get there). The fare is 20,- Sk (Slovak crowns).

To get to the hotel EURO, walk for about 2 km southward (down the hill). The village Stara Lesna is a further kilometer to the south. If you inform us about the exact time of your arrival, we can help you with the luggage.

From Poprad to Stara Lesna you can travel by bus, too.

You can also travel to Tatranska Lomnica and take a taxi there. The taxi fare should be about 100-150 Sk.

[train and bus timetables]

If you travel by car, the hotel EURO is located on the road Poprad - Tatranska Lomnica between Tatranska Lomnica and the village Stara Lesna. If you come from Poprad, 1 km after the village Stara Lesna you will see the sign "hotel EURO" and turn left.

5. Payment:

The cost of accommodation and full board per a day is 30 EUR; the conference fee is 100 EUR and covers use of the conference facilities, proceedings, refreshment, and party.

The total cost of conference (including accommodation, full board, and conference fee) is 250 EUR; for an accompaying person the price is 150 EUR.

You will be asked to pay at the registration desk. Payment in US Dollars is also possible (1 USD = 50 Sk).

6. Registration:

If you have registered for the summer conference please, confirm your participation and send us the exact date of your arrival and departure (if different from September 1 and September 6). If you have not registered but you are still interested in the conference, contact us as soon as possible.
[registration form] - Please fill in and return this form by July 15, 2002

We are looking forward to seeing you in Stara Lesna

Programme and Organizing Committee

J. Borsik (chairman),
J. Dobos, R. Fric, J. Haluska,
K. Stefancikova (secretary)




Mathematical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences,
Gresakova 6,
040 01 Kosice

  tel/fax: ++(421)(55)6228291