V4 Parasitological Meeting will be held in,

Congress Center ACADEMIA, Stará Lesná, Slovakia -
Stará Lesná (GPS 49°9'5.66" N 20°17'13.64"E) is the High Tatras' village and tourist resort located about 3 km from Tatranská Lomnica, one of the largest sport and recreational center in the region. The most important traffic node – Poprad city – is located about 15 km from Stará Lesná and is easily accessible by car, train, bus, or plain.
The Congress Center ACADEMIA belongs to the Slovak Academy of Sciences and provides all conference facilities – lecture halls, hotel and restaurant.


Accommodation is possible in Hotel ACADEMIA and has to be booked directly via hotel-manager Mrs. Priska Peštová:

Hotel ACADEMIA offers accommodation in double rooms for following prices (including local tax):
  • single person in double room – 34.10 €
  • two persons in double room – 20.10 €/person

We strongly recommend you to book the accommodation as soon as possible as the number of rooms in hotel Academia is limited. In case of full occupancy of hotel ACADEMIA, hotel-manager will offer you accommodation in nearby hotels for different (higher) prices depending of hotel and services provided. Deadline for accommodation booking via hotel-manager is March 31st 2014.

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