Dear parasitologists,

since 1994, the Slovak Society for Parasitology and Czech Society for Parasitology have organized Czech and Slovak (or Slovak and Czech) Parasitological Days, biannual scientific meeting, focused on presentation of latest data on parasitological research in both countries. The last, 10th conference was organized by the Czech Society for Parasitology in Brno in 2012.

This year, we agreed to broaden the meeting into V4 conference with participation of parasitologists from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are pleased to introduce you the V4 Parasitological Meeting – Parasites in the Heart of Europe. We believe that the conference will provide an excellent possibility to meet our co-workers, extent our international co-operations and learn new information about parasitology research of participating countries. The scientific event will provide the specialists from different sectors of human and veterinary parasitology, biology and ecology with the possibility to exchange experience related to the research of important parasitic diseases of humans, animals and plants.

The organisers are looking forward to meet you in the High Tatras.

Ivica Hromadová
Slovak Society for Parasitology
Martina Miterpáková
Organizing Commitee

Scientific Committee     Organizing Committee
Ivica Hromadová    Chair: Martina Miterpáková
Libor Mikeš  Members:Daniela Antolová
Elżbieta Gołąb   Slávka Barľáková
Róbert Farkas   Zuzana Hurníková
Branislav Peťko   Eva Nováková
    Mikuláš Oros
    Veronika Tarageľová
    Zuzana Vasilková

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