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About Štrbské Pleso

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This is the highest settlement in the High Tatras, originally formed around an almost 20 hectare lake, the second largest on the Slovak side of the High Tatras.

Štrbské Pleso was founded as a hiking centre, and later new curative houses, recreation facilities and a top sport complex were built. It is excellently connected to transportation links, and serves as a good starting point for a host of hiking excursions and day-trips in the mountains. Throughout the year the town has a busy cultural life, and is also a well-known skiing center. Since it hosted the 1970 World Championship, a range of competitive European and world-class skiing events has been held here, including ski-jumping and cross-country events.

From here, hikers can head for the Mengusovska dolina (valley), the mountain hotel at Popradske pleso (tarn) and its neighbor the Symbolic Cemetery.

Welcome drink

with small musical concert will take place on Wednesday evening, 14 April 2004, 20:30 at the hotel Patria

Conference dinner

will be held on Friday, 16 April 2004. The conference dinner will be in the hotel Patria at 20:00.

Excursions for accompanying persons

Directly in the hotel Patria is travel agency and accompanyig persons will be have the possibility to choice from their broad offer.


We are propose three independent destinations into the Spiš region for Saturday, 17 April 2004, morning.

Bus transport will be used and we assume the lunch in the each local destination also. For each posssibility we expect maximum 70 people.

Erb Spisa

Belianska cave

Červený Kláštor
Slovak paradise
Spišská Belá
Spišská Kapitula
Spišská Nová Ves
Spišské Vlachy
Spiš castle and surroundings
Stará Ľubovňa

klikacia mapa Stara Lubovna Tatransky narodnry park Narodny park Slovensky raj Spi<9A>skA} <8A>tvrtok - Kaplnka Zapo>sA}ch Levoca Spisska Nova Ves Cerveny Klastor Belianska jaskyna Spisska Bela Strazky Vrbov Poprad, Spisska Sobota Markusovce Spisska Kapitula Spissky hrad a okolie Spisske Vlachy Kezmarok

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The first proposal is to visit

Spišská Kapitula

Our second proposal is


and last our offer is

Demänovská cave of Liberty

Telephone Calls

Area code: Dial always the full area code, such 051 for High Tatras town (town High Tatras represents several small villeagues as a Starý Smokovec, Štrbské, Pleso, Hágy, etc.). To dial Slovakia from foreign countries, access your international carrier, dial 421 which is the country code for Slovakia, and the full area code.
International call: dial 00-country code - area code - number.

Public telephones can be found everywhere and accept 10, 5, 2 and 1 coins and magnetic telephone cards.
The prepaid "telephone cards" are available at station kiosks, convenience stores, vending machines next to the telephones, etc.. The cards are available in values of 100, 200 and 500 Slovak crown.

Emergency and Medical Services

For police emergency, for an ambulance or for reporting a fire call 112. You do not need to insert any money into public telephones to call these numbers.

If you will need the pharmacy, please contact the organizators.