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DIS 2005


The proceedings of DIS 2004 workshop will be printed and distributed to all participants.

Please, prepare your contributions in LaTeX, using our dis04.cls style. The detailed guidelines are available. The source file of these guidelines can serve as a template for the preparation of your contribution.

Page limitation :

SessionTalk durationMaximum number of pages
Plenary30 minutes 12
Plenary>30 minutes 15
Working Group Summary45 minutes20
Working Group Summary45/2 minutes10
Parallel15, 20 minutes4
Parallel25, 30 minutes6
Parallel>30 minutes8

For the final processing (e.g. page numbering / preparation of print mirror mask) send your contribution in the form of LaTeX source with necessary pictures, either as the individual files (mail attachments) or as one tar file (use e.g. command tar -cf myfile.tar myfile.tex myfile1.eps myfile2.eps) to: and/or with subject: author name and session. If you have problem or question concerning dis04 style, please contact or directly


Deadline for sending your contribution to DIS 2004 proceedings is
July 31, 2004.


Received Contributions

DIS 2004 proceedings follow the working group structure with plenary and summary talks at the beginning. All received preprocessed contributions, in their final form, are accessible using the below indicated links. Please check your contribution, and inform us in case of possible imperfections or omissions.


Plenary and Summary talks
WG A. Structure Functions, Low-x
WG B. Diffraction and Vector Meson
WG C. Hadronic Final States
WG D. Heavy Flavors
WG E. Electroweak and Physics Beyond SM
WG F. Spin Physics