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DIS 2005

General Information

DIS 2004 is the 12th in a series of annual workshops on Deep Inelastic Scattering (DIS) and Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). Previous workshops took place in Durham, Eilat, Paris, Rome, Chicago, Brussels, Zeuthen, Liverpool, Bologna, Cracow and St. Petersburg. The 2004 workshop will be held in Štrbské Pleso during April 14-18, 2004. The aim of this workshops is to review the progress in the field of DIS and QCD and to discuss and lay the groundwork for the future.

The physics topics of the workshop will include the following subjects: structure of the proton, structure of the photon, low-x physics, diffraction, tests of QCD, electroweak physics, physics beyond the Standard Model (SM), spin physics, future experimental opportunities.


These subjects will be discussed in the following six working groups:


Structure Functions, Low-x
Diffraction and Vector Meson
Hadronic Final States
Heavy Flavors
Electroweak and Physics Beyond SM
Spin Physics



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