The big IDEA always frightened in our heads when we came to wonderful Zadiel Gorge. To fling a rope over a dark depth and to go! To float on the air as gliding bird! Oooh, yes!

Strong preservation conditions have valid in the gorge. A dialogue and persuasion of the enviromental administrations took four years. Now an agreement is happened and we are inviting you on our pages of the Velky traverz! Please check 2-nd annoucement with detail information about participation in Velky traverz.

Here you can see the official poster of Velky traverz.

Gusto & Eduard

G R E A T     N E W S !

Vel'ky traverz is


LENGTH - LENGTH - - > 847.67 m < - - LENGTH - LENGTH

Sorry for this unactual page but you can see some photos of Velky traverz on the pages of Planivy Speleogroup

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