Short report about Slovak karst

The Slovak karst is located in the southeastern Slovakia with small part extended in the Hungary. Deep canyons separate plateaus made up of Triassic limestones. Karst rocks cause remarkable geophysical and biospheric features of the landscape. Deep sinkholes and blind valleys furrow up surface of the plateaus. Dark holes of the abysses and caves pass down to underground rivers. Large cave systems continued through a massif to numerous springs in foot of the sheer slopes of plateaus. Density of the karst phenomena's occurrence is high.

Map of situation (100kB) of the Slovak karst.

The mean temperature range is from -3'C (Celsius degree) to -6'C in January, and from 16'C to 18'C in July. The annual precipitation amount is 650 - 800 mm. The snow cover lasts 40 - 50 days. The surface of plateaus has a partly wooded, partly forest-stepped or stepped character. The forest growths are mostly represented by beech, on the north slopes by oak-beech woods. The cornel bushes predominate on south slopes of the plateaus. The islands of the steppe cover a surface of plateaus.

Inhabitants are concentrated in the towns and villages in the river valleys. Only five villages are situated on plateaus. A population of the town is some thousands, villages have some hundreds of inhabitants. Road map shows all towns and villages in Slovak karst region.

Five caves ( Domica Cave , Gombasecka Cave , Jasovska Cave , Ochtinska Aragonite Cave and Dobsinska ladova Ice Cave) are accessible for tourists and more historical memorials and natural monuments can be visited in region or near of the Slovak karst too. Information about a visit of the non-accessible caves and abysses is attainable by the Speleoclub CASSOVIA . General, trips into the reserve require the authority of the Management of the Protected Landscape of the Slovak Karst, with headquarters at Brzotin.

The Kosice city can be chosen as start-point (airport, railway and coach junction, hotels, restaurants). Roznava offers a hotel and some restaurants in centre of the Slovak karst. Access by a railway and coach bus. For cavers the Speleoclub CASSOVIA can offer an modest accommodation in its own ancient countryhouse in village Haj (ten beds, warm water, electricity). Pubs can be found in all villages. I assure you the Slovak beer tastes excellently.

SLOVAKIA CAVE SERVER prepared by Eduard Kladiva (Old Cave Dog) from Speleoclub CASSOVIA . Please send all comments, notes and corrections on e-mail