Situation of the Slovak karst

An area of the concentrated occurrence of the subterranean karst forms is situated in the southwestern part of East Slovakia and in northeast Hungary. A state boundary divides the area into two different parts with larger part on Slovak territory. There are the Aggtelek National Park declared in 1985 in Hungary and the Protected Landscape Area Slovensky kras (the Slovak Karst ) declared in 1973 in Slovakia. Their border protected zones are included. Both these protected territories are biospheric reserves within the framework of the project M&B since 1979 and 1977 respectively.

Run of the border line

The north bound of the presented area runs in accordance with natural geological borderline of the karst massif and non-karstifiable rocks. The south and southwestern bounds are given by natural petering of the karstic beds out and their plunge under later covering formations. In West the interest territory embraces part of the Revucka vrchovina Mts in which underground passages of the Ochtinska aragonitova Cave were created. The westernmost point of the territory is located at the town Jelsava, the southernmost at Trizsa and on the northeast territory reaches up to the village Jasov. You can see it on road map of Slovak karst.

The interest territory border runs from Jasov to Medzev, westwards through Pipitka Mt. (1225 m a.s.l.) to Krasnohorske Podhradie, then to Brzotin in the direction of the Roznavske Bystre, Stitnik, Gocaltovo to the west edge of Jelsava, turns to the southeast, passes Hucin, Gemerska Horka, Dlha Ves towards Trizsa where it turns to the east and continues through Alsotelekes, up the villages Szalonna, Martonyi, Tornabarakonyi, Bodvaszilas, Tornanadaska, Turna nad Bodvou, Drienovec and Moldava nad Bodvou again Jasov way. The east border near Turna nad Bodvou with the Turna Castle is on picture.

View on the Slovak karst from east border (71kB).

The karst area in Slovak republic named Slovensky kras = the Slovak Karst (or Jihoslovensky kras = the Southslovak karst in earlier publications) is an exploration territory of the Speleoclub CASSOVIA. The two speleological groups of SSS operate on this territory too: Speleological club from Roznava and Speleological group J.Majko from Turna nad Bodvou. A part of the Slovak karst east of the Zadiel valley (situated in Kosice-country district) is territory of the concentrated activity of the Speleoclub CASSOVIA on field of the nature protection of the karstic underground. The exploration territory extends between 48o25'30'' and 48o40'50'' northern geographical latitude and from 20o15'00'' to 21o00'00'' of eastern geographical longitude. Its extreme dimensions are 50 km length from East to West and 22 km width from North to South. Protected area without border protected zone encompasses 558 kilometers square. The highest point in the protected area is Matesova skala Mt. (925 m a.s.l.) on the Borcanska Plateau (border protected zone attains altitude 1225 m on peak Pipitka). The lowest point lies on the eastern slope of the Plateau Dolny vrch on 171 m above sea level.

Situation of the Slovak karst on a satellite picture (100kB).
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