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We enjoy your interest for the knowledge about the Slovak karst. This karst area is largest and best developed karst region in Slovakia. The Speleoclub CASSOVIA presents to you some information about it in pages:

Short Report
General pages about
situation , history of the research , literature (recent), bibliography (mainly historical), surface fauna .
Special pages about
geology , evolution of landscape , surface hydrology , underground hydrology , cave fauna , archaeology .
Pages with description of caves and abysses :
Domica Cave , Gombasecka Cave , Jasovska Cave , Silicka ladnica Ice Cave ,
For you comfort we prepared pages for direct access
cataloque of the photos (with samples, slow), list of the photos (any graphic, faster) and documents and new road map of Slovak karst.

SLOVAKIA CAVE SERVER prepared by Eduard Kladiva (Old Cave Dog) from Speleoclub CASSOVIA . Please send all comments, notes and corrections on e-mail kladiva@saske.sk.