The Silicka ladnica Ice Cave

The localization

The Silicka ladnica Ice Cave is situated in the Slovenske Rudohorie Mts., geomorphological whole Slovak karst and subwhole the Silicka planina Plateau. The geographical coordinates of the Silicka ladnica Ice Cave entrance are 48o32'58'' N.g.latitude and 20o30'18'' E.g.longitude. The cave is counted in a land-register of the village Silica in Roznava district.

Short report

The Silicka ladnica Ice Cave and the Gombasecka Cave are part of the large underground hydrologic system based on the underground stream Cierny potok. The system covers a western part of the Silicka planina Plateau in the Slovak karst. The great portal of the sheer passage opens an large ice chamber with a sinking glacier and ice stalactites. The glaciation of the entrance chasm is very young phenomenon what was happened by the roof falling around two thousand years ago. The Silicka ladnica Ice Cave is a static ice cave with the maximum volume of the floor ice about 340 m3. The cave continues along the underground stream Cierny potok by a sequence of the shallow siphons alternated large domes. In the first, Archaeological Dome, a rich primeval settlement was discovered. Finds of the pottery is counted to The dripstone decoration is little distributed, mainly as sinter crusts and wall cascades. In the remote domes very long spaghetti stalactites can be found.

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