The Jasovska Cave

The localization

The Jasovska Cave is situated in region of the Slovenske rudohorie Mts., geomorphological whole Slovak karst and subwhole Jasovska planina. The geographical coordinates of its entrance are 48o40'40'' N.g. latitude and 20o58'41'' E.g. altitude. The Jasovska Cave is counted in a land-register of the Jasov village in Kosice-country district.

Short report

The Jasovska Cave is a known cave system in the Jasovska skala Mt., situated in the northeastern part of the Slovak karst. The cave is created in mesozoic carbonate rocks of the Silica Nappe - limestones and dolomites of the Middle Triassic. It represents complicated system of the domes and passages what was evolved in five levels. A summary length of the surveyed spaces is 2308 m and an amplitude of the altitude is 42 m. A rich decoration of the flowstones, sinter streamfalls, curtains and other forms of the calcite dripstone are presented.

The cave is remarkable by archeological finds from the Paleolithic Age to the Middle Historic Age. It demonstrates a historical evolution of the relation between man and cave in a time range up ten thousands years from primary settlement over refugium and prehistoric factory to today's object of the science research, the tourist attraction and the speleotherapeutic spa. The Jasovska cave is countered to oldest show caves in world.

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