The Silicka ladnica Ice Cave

The localization

The Gombasecka Cave is situated in the Slovenske Rudohorie Mts., geomorphological whole Slovak karst and subwhole the Silicka planina Plateau. The Gombasecka Cave entrance geographical coordinates are 48o33'46'' N.g.latitude and 20o28'02'' E.g.longitude and the cave is counted in the village Slavec land-register in Roznava district. The spring of the Cierny potok Brook outflowed from the cave is on the altitude of 244 m a.s.l.

Short report

The Gombasecka Cave is a spring cave of the large underground hydrologic system of the stream Cierny potok (Black Brook) in western part of the Silicka planina Plateau in the Slovak karst. The Silicka ladnica Ice Cave is further known part of this system. The Gombasecka Cave rose in light wetterstein limestones of the Middle Triassic Age. The oval-shape passages are created in two altitude levels alongside the tectonic breakdowns by erosion activity of the Cierny potok stream. The Gombasecka Cave is geologically young cave therefore there isn't seen any alternations of the accumulation and erosion phases.

Dripstone decoration is unique by forests of the thin long (up to 3 m) straw and spaghetti stalactites of the white and pink colors. Few domes and passages are decorated by this beautiful splendour looked like a stone rain. The pagoda-shaped and cone-shaped stalagmites are remarkable too. Cavers from Roznava headed V. Rozloznik discovered the cave at November 21, 1951. In 1955 the cave was opened to public. There is a part of the exposition tour 300 m length. The total length of the cave is 1525 m.

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