The Domica Cave

The localization

The Domica Cave is situated in region of the Slovenske rudohorie Mts., geomorphological whole Slovak Karst and subwhole Silicka Planina. Geographic coordinates of its entrance are 48o28'43'' n.g.latitude and 20o28'22'' e.g.longitude. The entrance of the Domica cave is counted in a land-register of the village Kecovo 10 km southern of the town Plesivec. Passages of the cave overcome the Slovak-Hungary state border and continue in the Hungary as the Baradla Cave.

Short report

The Domica Cave is a upper part of the known Domica-Baradla Cave System, situated on the southwestern border of the Slovak karst. The cave is created in in the light limestones of the Middle Triassic Age. The passages of the Domica Cave were shaped by erosion by waters of the underground stream Styx. The main corridors are spreading alongside fissures in a N-S direction, branchs and junctions are controlled by fissures in a W-E direction. The cave is mainly horizontal with small vertical parts closed the cave below surface dry ponors. More evolutional levels with the alternated erosional and accumulative phases was identified. The dripstone decoration is widely distributed and impressed. The sinter shields and drums, the cascade dripstone lakes, the onion-like and breast-like stalactites, the guano pots in the sinter crusts can be counted to unique types of the sinter decoration. In addition the cave is important from the angle of the archaeology and biospeleology. The Domica Cave is the richest cave finding place of the Bukk Culture (6400 - 6100 before Christ) and finds of the other cultures was found too. Rare species of the troglobionts were occurred in the cave. A part of the cave is shown for public in two tours.

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