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Hallo readers!

I'm very grateful for your interest in my pages, particullary in the SLOVAKIA: CAVE SERVER. It started in the begins of 1995 as first Web server on the caves and caving in Central and Eastern Europe. Now it's oldest caving pages on the Old continent worked without interrupts (yes, very archaic level of htmls). I welcome all information about other INTERNET servers aimed on the cave, cavers and caving and what is new on them. Your critical notes are useful for me too.

Shortly about me.
My name is Eduard Kladiva. I come from Moravia (now in Czech Republic) and I live in Kosice in Slovakia now. I work in the Institute of Experimental Physics where I'm in charge of the development and researche of the radiation detectors.
I'm caving from 1974 as organized caver but I was good familiar with caves as little boy. I started in well known Moravian karst and I was a membership of the few caving expeditions in Bulgaria and Romania in that time. Five years I have been working in gypsum caves of Ukrajina (Optimisticeskaja, Atlantida, Zolushka, Mlynki) and in different karst regions of Crim and Caucasus as member of Odessa Caving Group. At last time I get into caves, abysses and pubs in East Slovakia and in the Slovak karst mainly.
I'm a member of the Speleoclub CASSOVIA now and time to time I made face of the My major interests in caves are the surveing, exploration and conservation. Besides I prepared the Caving Gopher in Slovak language (now it's out) and now I'm maintaining WWW pages of

The Old Cave Dog with his pups. (66kB)

Oh, yes, it's I! I'm just taking altitude of the Chasm at point opened behind my son. My daughter is reading values from the altimeter and at the same time a large carrier in background is milling next cave into a lime powder.
What are we preservating after?

Please mail your questions, mentions and notes, negative or positive, about caves, cavers, caving or this server on my new adress kladiva@saske.sk. Thank you!

Best caving!

Old Cave Dog