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The Slovakia: Cave Server presents an information about caves and cavers in Slovakia in the Central Europe. It's placed in Kosice in East Slovakia.

Welcome on the oldest speleological server of "Old continent". Great changes in last days but only in Slovak part of site. Some internal links can be wrong due rearranging, please be patience. The on-line database of Slovak speleological literature as well as Blog of news, links and events regardly Slovak caves and cavers started from February 1, 2004. The English part is in ancient cover (from times of WWW born) still. The links out of server aren't check long time and will be repaire later (sorry, can be long later).

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Speleological Server of Slovakia prepared by Eduard Kladiva (Old Cave Dog) from Speleoclub CASSOVIA . Please send all comments, notes and corrections on e-mail kladiva@saske.sk.