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Speleoclub CASSOVIA is a small group of the voluntary and professional cavers based in Kosice in East Slovakia. Mainly it's operated in district of Kosice-country and Roznava, in famous karst region of Slovak karst and in small limestone islands near Kosice (Ruzin, Kojsov, Folkmar). Our members share in trips and explorations of caves in all Slovakia, regularly in Demanova Valley Karst and High Tatra Karst. The expeditions in world karst regions (for example Caucasus, Ural, Bolivia, Romania, Slovenija) was organized. Our activities include the exploration (a digging too), surveying, geology and geomorphology researche and preservation of caves and abysses.

Information about a visit of the non-accessible caves and abysses in Slovak karst or other karst region in Slovakia is attainable by the Speleoclub CASSOVIA. For cavers visited the Slovak karst we can offer a modest accommodation in our ancient countryhouse in village Haj (ten beds, warm water, electricity).

Sessions of the club are called on every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Kosice's pub Maxim.

SLOVAKIA CAVE SERVER prepared by Eduard Kladiva (Old Cave Dog) from Speleoclub CASSOVIA . Please send all comments, notes and corrections on e-mail kladiva@saske.sk.