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Structure and Stability of Biomacromolecules SSB 2005


Slovak Republic,
September 12. 14., 2005




Department of Biophysics of Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Kosice
Department of Biochemistry, FS  UPJS,
Slovak Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
Slovak Physical Society

Conference Venue

Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Lecture Hall, Watsonova 47, Kosice, Slovak Republic

Head of Local Organizing Committee

Prof. M. Antalik
Dept. of Biophysics,
Institute of Experimental Physics,SAS,
Watsonova 47, 043 53 Kosice, Slovakia
tel.: (421 55)7204132
e-mail: antalik@saske.sk

Local Organizing Committee

J. Bagelova E. Demjenova
D. Fedunova J. Guzy
P. Javorsky E. Sedlak
Z. Tomori

Technical Assistance

I. Hrmo G. Kozakova
D. Sedlakova D. Svarcbergerova

Conference orientation

Latest information reached in the study of structure, stability, dynamical properties and activity of biomacromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids and polysaccharides) .

Conference profile

structure of biomacromolecules
modifications of biomacromolecules
aggregation of biomacromolecules
stability of biomacromolecules
activity of biomacromolecules
membrane proteins
binding of ligands to biomacromolecules
application of biophysical and chemical techniques in the study of biomacromolecules
biomacromolecules and their applications in medicine and biotechnology

Conference language


Important dates

January 20, 2005 first information
March 10, 2005 preliminary registration
March 25, 2005 second information
June 10, 2005 obligatory registration,
deadline for registration fee and abstract
August 15, 2005 sending of detailed program to registered participants
September 12-14, 2005 conference

Registration and conference fee:

Registration fee is 1800,- Sk (Slovak crowns), PhD.-students 1000,-Sk. It should be paid to: Slovenska sporitelna a.s., Krajska pobocka Kosice 72. Account No.: 0440976306/0900, variable symbol 1292005.
Registration fee after June 10 is 2000,- Sk.
Registration fee includes charges related to organization and technical equipment of conference.

The obligatory registration can be performed

  1. by filling the registration form on this web site.

  2. by filling the registration form from 2nd information and sending to the conference secretary.

Conference secretariat

Diana Fedunova, Jaroslava Bagelova
Institute of Experimental Physics,
Slovak Academy of Sciences,
Watsonova 47, 04353 Kosice,
Slovak Republic.
tel.: (421 55)7204132
e-mail: ssb@saske.sk ,

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