Strba, where the conference will be held, is situated in the northern part of East Slovakia, near the border to Poland, in the foothill area of High Tatra mountains. The town Poprad is about 15 km from Strba away.

The best way to travel to the conference is to come to Kosice by plane, train or bus. The planes from Prague and from Vienna are landing in Kosice twice a day.

From Kosice you can take a train directly to Strba. The train to Strba is leaving Kosice every two hours during the day. Please notice, that there are no trains to Strba leaving Kosice in the night from 0:15 to 6:15, so when you come to Kosice with the night flight, you will have to stay in Kosice over night.

Eventually, you can take a flight directly to Poprad and then a train to Strba. But notice, that there are only few flights to and from Poprad during the week. When comming by train, the best way is to take the train directly to Strba.

Further instructions on getting to the Hotel Meander will be available soon.

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