Working Group E. Electroweak and Physics Beyond SM
Convenors : Michael Spira, Cristinel Diaconu, Bruce Straub
S. BeauceronHiggs searches at TEVATRON
P. BechtleSearches at LEP
P.J. BellAnomalous Quartic Gauge Couplings at OPAL
L. BellagambaSearches for LFV and FCNC at HERA
G. BrandtEvents with $\tau$ Leptons at HERA
S. CabreraElectroweak Physics at the Tevatron Run2: $W$,$Z$,$W{\gamma}$,$Z{\gamma}$ and WW production.
L. CarminatiStudy of the H $\rightarrow \gamma \gamma$ decay with the ATLAS detector
P. ChecchiaTwo-fermion production at LEP2, measurements and interpretations
V. CiulliElectroweak B Physics at LEP
M. DattaRare B Decays at BABAR
C. DelaereLooking for a Fermiophobic Higgs Boson at LEP2 in the WW Channel Using the ALEPH Detector
K.-P.O. DienerNew Predictions for Electroweak $\mathbf{\mathcal{O}(\alpha)}$ Corrections to Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering -Implications for NuTeV?
N. KidonakisCharged Higgs production with a Top Quark at the LHC
N. KidonakisAnomalous $tqV$ couplings and FCNC Top Quark production
F. KraussNew tools for automatic cross section calculation
T. KurcaSUSY searches at the Tevatron experiments
G. LeibenguthSingle boson production at LEP
L. Li GioiCP violation overview of CKM angles
N. MaldenSearch for superlight gravitinos at HERA
I. MeloVector resonances from strong electroweak symmetry breaking at $e^+e^-$ colliders
M. MorettiALPGEN
U. ParzefallTriple Gauge Couplings at LEP
M. PeezGeneral search for new phenomena in $ep$ scattering at HERA
A. PomposOther particle searches at the TEVATRON
D. RyanLeptoquark Searches at the Tevatron
A. Sabio VeraW-boson production at large transverse momentum
E. SauvanHigh $P_T$ multi-lepton production at HERA
A. SopczakSearches for Higgs bosons beyond the Standard model
D. SouthEvents with high $P_{T}$ leptons and missing $P_{T}$ and anomalous top at HERA
M. SpiraHiggs radiation off bottom quarks at hadron colliders
R. StröhmerDetermination of the W-mass and the WW and ZZ cross-section at LEP
M. SzczekowskiLHCb experiment sensitivity to CKM phases and New Physics
J. SztukSearches for Leptoquarks and Contact Interactions at HERA
T. TeubnerThe Ins and Outs of $g-2$
A. VestSearches for squarks with H1 at HERA