Working Group B. Diffraction and Vector Meson
Convenors : Markus Diehl, Frank-Peter Schilling, Alessia Bruni
A. BialasSingle and Double Pomeron exchange: factorization breaking
M. BoonekampLuminosity measurement in ATLAS
A. BruniExclusive electroproduction of $J/\psi$ at HERA
M. DeileTOTEM: Forward Physics at the LHC
T. EdwardsElastic and diffractive scattering at D0
F. EllinghausThe HERMES DVCS roadmap
L. FavartDeeply Virtual Compton Scattering at HERA
S. KagawaDiffractive dijets in photoproduction
M. Kapishin$F_2^{D(3)}$ Measurements at low, medium and high $Q^2$}
G. KramerFactorization Breaking in Diffractive Photoproduction of Dijets
E. KuraevThe wide angles lepton pair production in heavy ion collisions. The role of multiphoton exchanges
M.V. MachadoDeeply Virtual Compton Scattering in the saturation approach
L. MotykaDiffractive photoproduction of vector mesons at large momentum transfer
S. MunierDiffractive photon dissociation in the saturation regime
Ch. RoyonDiffractive Higgs production at the LHC
R. SacchiLeading baryon production at ZEUS
S. SchaetzelDiffractive final states and QCD predictions
L. SzymanowskiExclusive production of vector mesons in QCD
M. TasevskyForward physics with CMS
K. TerashiDiffractive Measurements at CDF
J.M. UklejaMeasurement of the electromagnetic component of photon light-cone wave function at HERA
Ch. WeissThe nucleon's gluonic transverse size: From exclusive $J/\psi$ photoproduction to high--energy $pp$ collisions
K.H. WichmannCharge current events with a large rapidity gap