Working Group A. Structure Functions, Low-x
Convenors : Anna-Maria Stasto, Eram Rizvi, Enrico Tassi
M. BoonekampPrecision measurements (?) with ATLAS
W. BroniowskiKwiecinski evolution of unintegrated parton distributions
A. G. CoccoNeutrino DIS Measurements in the CHORUS experiment
A. M. Cooper-SarkarAn NLO QCD analysis of inclusive cross-section data and jet production data from the ZEUS experiment at HERA-1
K. Golec-BiernatSaturation scale from the Balitsky--Kovchegov equation
A. G. HolznerTowards precision measurements at the LHC
E. IancuThe QCD S-Matrix in the high-energy limit
H. JungUn-integrated uPDFs in CCFM
M. KataokaNeutral and Charged Currents at High \boldmath{${Q^2}$} in Collisions of Longitudinally Polarized Positrons with Protons at HERA II
M. KleinOn the future measurement of the longitudinal structure function at low $x$ at HERA
Y. KovchegovPerturbative QCD Odderon in the Dipole model
A.V. Kotikov Structure function $F_2$: higher twist effects at small $x$
S. KumanoNuclear parton distribution functions and their effects on $sin^2\theta_W$ anomaly
A. KyrieleisThe Real Corrections to the $\gamma^*$ impact factor: First Numerical Results
X. LiuA New Detector at eRHIC studying the Transition Region
E. LobodzinskaNew and recent Measurements of $F_2$ and $F_L$ at low $Q^2$
L. LonnbladUnintegrated gluon densities in the LDC model
M. LublinskyQuark-antiquark exchange in $\gamma^* \gamma^*$ high energy scattering
C. MarquetSaturation in two-hard-scale processes at hadron colliders
E. NaftaliTarget Size Effects in Nonlinear Evolution
A. OgawaForward physics at STAR status of analysis on forward and mid rapidity correlation measurements in $p+p$ and $D+Au$
R. PeschanskiSaturation and Traveling Waves
A. PetrukhinNew measurement of the structure function $F_2(X,Q^2)$ at low $Q^2$ with initial state radiation data
B. PortheaultH1 QCD analysis of inclusive cross section data
M. PrzybycienMeasurements of the Photon and Electron Structure Functions at LEP
V. RadescuDifferential Cross Section Results from NuTeV
T. RogersThe Black Body Limit in Deep Inelastic Scattering
Ch. RoyonTest of NLO BFKL kernels using the proton structure function $F_2$
A. Sabio-VeraThe gluon Green's function at small x
G.P. SalamFall and rise of the gluon splitting function
W. SchäferColor dipoles and $k_\perp$ factorization for nuclei
A. SzczurekKwiecinski - CCFM unintegrated parton distributions- a few applications
A. TapperHigh $Q^2$ neutral current cross sections in $e^+ p$ DIS
R.S. ThorneUpdate of MRST parton distributions
W.K. TungCTEQ Global Analyses
A. UtermannInstanton-driven Gluon Saturation