We recommend to reach Štrbské Pleso through the closest international airport in Košice (~120 km). There are regular daily flights from Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. The relatively small Košice airport is served by three airline companies:

Czech Airlines
Austrian Airlines
DanubeWings Airlines

All three airlines use the low capacity aircrafts, therefore the very early reservation / booking is highly recommended !
Košice international airport is located approximately 6 km south of the town. The airport is situated between the suburbs Košice-Barca and Košice - Pereš. It is only 10 minutes by car from the town of Košice. The price from Košice airport to train station is about 10 €. We strongly recommend to use official taxi carrier CTC TAXI (phone: +421 55 16666, only.

Note : For international flights the airline companies serving Košice Airport require check in not later than 90 minutes before the departure.

In case of interest we can arrange car / bus transport from airport to / from Štrbské Pleso.

The Poprad-Tatry international airport is located approximately 29 km from Štrbské Pleso. There are regular flights from Prague, Warsaw and Gdansk. This also small airport is served by two airline companies:

Czech Airlines
Eurolot Airlines

For the participants the international airport Budapest can also been interesting. The airport bus service can take you to Košice if this option is booked via

Business Travel Unlimited
Zelinárska 8
821 08 Bratislava
Phone.: +421 2 5564 1207
Fax: +421 2 5564 1209

An alternative solution can be the train connection between Budapest and Košice. Further transport to Štrbské Pleso in case of interest can be arranged by the organizing committee. The car trip between airport and Štrbské Pleso takes approximately 4-5 hours.

Concerning to the international airport Cracow: we recommend to avoid to use this one due to the long, tiresome road by car to Štrbské Pleso, which usually needs about three hours. There is no through train connection to Poprad. However the transportation organized for the participants of the Open Symposium in preparation of the 2013 European Particle Physics Strategy, will be available for persons interested in, at a price approximately of 140 Euros (the price can be shared among maximum three persons in the car).

The participants can reach Štrbské Pleso also by train. There are regular direct train connections from Košice, Prague. For the connection between Vienna and Štrbské Pleso is necessary to rich Bratislava and after than to use direct train from Bratislava.
You can reach Štrbské Pleso either through Poprad (29 km) using Tatra Electric Railways, or from Štrba (5 km) using the cog wheel railway. The hotel Patria is within a walking distance (~1 km) from the train station.

You can use numerous route planners to select your car route to Štrbské Pleso, e.g.: , , or
Note : for the use of highways you need a vignette (toll sticker), which must be attached on the wind-screen of your car. For 10 days the price is 10 €.

Private cars can be parked in the hotel's parking lots, the fee is from 4 up to 10 € per day. The car parking for the hotel guests is fee of charge.

The official currency in Slovakia is the €. To exchange some money after arrival to Košice airport (e.g. for taxi/train) we can recommend the exchange office located directly in customs area, which is open before/after each flight arrival/departure. In addition you can find ATM of ČSOB bank just at the exit of Košice airport building. In Košice train station you will find the exchange office open in working days 06:30-14:00, 14:30-21:30 and on Saturday and Sunday 06:30-12:30, 13:00-18:30.

Please take into account: 15.9.2012 - Saturday is bank holiday in Slovakia (Our lady of Sorrows).

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