Instruction for Authors

Instruction for Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings will be published both online by SLAC's eConf service and in paper form by IEP SAS Kosice.

All contributions to the XXXII Symposium on Physics in Collision will be included in the proceedings (poster, poster with oral presentation, plenary talks).

Update: The deadline: 15-st of December 2012.

You can download the tarball with instructions here. Tarball contains also specific LaTex class file pic2012.cls, which should be used to prepare the manuscript. If you experience difficulty using this template, please contact the PIC2012 local organizing committee at, Pavol Strizenec is coordinating the PIC2012 proceedings.

Page limits for each contribution:

talks 40-45 min. 14 pages
talks 20-30 min. 10 pages
posters with oral presentation 6 pages
posters 4 pages
The proceedings will be first reviewed by the session convenors. Please, send a .pdf version to your session convenor before the deadline (for poster presenters with no talk, please send your proceeding to After having received the comments from the session convenor, the authors are required to submit their papers and source files to the ePrint arXiv server.

Upon acceptance at the arXiv server, the proceedings editors will pull the paper (and the source files if necessary) directly from the server and will send email notification to the submitter stating complete or incomplete submission. Submission to the arXiv server provides automated version control. If authors need to make changes, they can resubmit to the arXiv server, and a new version number is automatically issued, thus eliminating most version control problems. The ultimate goal is to see the full text of your paper on the server with an eprint number in the form "arch-ive/yymmnnn". Once you have this number, please send us ( a mail with this number and with your name and title of the talk in subject.

Instruction for Speakers

→The PIC conference consists of a series of review talks covering the most important current research in all fields of experimental high energy physics. Speakers are expected to present a complete review of a particular research topic rather than concentrating exclusively on results from their own experiment or research project.

→When closely related topics are presented by different speakers, speakers are expected to coordinate presentations so as to maximize coverage and minimize duplication.

→This is not a topical conference and speakers should address physicists working in other HEP research areas. Therefore specialized jargon should be avoided and terminology should be clearly defined. Also, it is expected that speakers do not neglect the pedagogical aspect of a presentation -- they are chosen both for their expertise in the field and their ability to give high quality talks.

→Since these are review talks, it is impossible to present all research details. It is more important to clearly transmit the "big picture" than to rush through many technical details.

→It is appropriate and desirable to present a brief introduction to the research topic, mentioning past work and showing the importance of new results.

→Good clear summaries are useful at the end of the talk, with a discussion of the significance of the research for the broad field of high energy physics.

→The speakers are expected to submit a write-up of the presentation, to be published in the proceedings. When accepting the invitation to give a talk, the speakers should be aware that this includes the commitment to submit their manuscripts within the deadline to ensure timely publication.

Instruction for Plenary Talks

Plenary talks should be uploaded to the Indico page the day before your talk. You should be able to upload your presentation using your Indico account. If you can not upload your talk, you can ask your session chair to do so.
You should also have a copy of your talk available on a USB memory stick. This is in order to avoid possible interruption due to network outages.
The format of your presentation should be Powerpoint (including pptx) or PDF.
Your talk is 40 minutes, 30 or 25 minutes + 5 minutes discussion. This conference has a very tight schedule, so please avoid to be cut off.

Instruction for Poster Session

All posters will be on display during the entire conference on dedicated poster boards with your name. There will be dedicated poster sessions on Day 2 (Thursday 13th of September) and Day 3 (Friday 14th of September). Each session consists of two parts:

a)   Talks for selected posters (five minutes each).

b)   Poster session with refreshments and snacks served.

Instruction for poster presenters

a)   The poster size is A0 (portrait) or smaller

b)   Please bring your poster PRINTED. We can not provide assistance for printing the poster on site

c)   We advise you to upload your poster presentation to Indico the day before your presentation starts

d)   Poster talks should be introductory overview talks of the poster content and should not be an explanation for results. The talk will be 5 minutes sharp. No questions from the audience are scheduled: such questions should be given during the poster session

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