PIC 2012 - Social Programme

Social programme

Welcome drink

Welcome drink will take place on Wednesday, September 12, 20:30 at the Hotel Patria

Conference dinner

The Conference dinner will be held on Friday, September 14th at 20:00 in the Hotel Patria.

Programme for accompanying persons

Excursions for accompanying persons and other activities can be organized individually by the travel agency directly in Hotel Patria.


Two easy three-hours excursions will be organized on Friday, September 14 - a hiking trip and a historical excursion. Both of them will start from the entrance of Hotel Patria in 15:00, come back is planned around 19:30.

Hiking trip

The hiking trip in the mountain valley Mengusovská dolina with the spectacular lake Popradské pleso is an easy mountain tour. We start at altitude 1350 m and ascend to 1500 m above the sea level. The main part of the track traverses a slope of the mountain valley with breathtaking views.
Organizators arrange a small drink (beer, coffee, tea) in the mountain hotel near the lake Popradské pleso. We visit the Symbolic cemetery (1525 m above the sea level), devoted to victims of mountains.
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Be sure to bring proper walking boots and clothing suitable for the excursion. Please check your medical and/or travel insurance for the hiking activities in mountains, especially for the mountain evacuation.
Since the weather conditions in the mountains change often very rapidly, we arrange an alternating excursion in the case of bad wheather. For hiking trip we expect maximum 30 people.

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Historical excursion
The medieval towns Spišská Kapitula and Levoča are destinations of the historical excursion by bus. The first stop, in Spišská Kapitula, offers a walk along the nice medieval street with spectacular view on the Spišský hrad castle. During the second stop we will visit the Church of St. James with the famous wooden altar and make guided walk around square. A small refreshment (beer, coffee, tea) will be arranged in nearby restaurants.

Spišská Kapitula (Spiš Chapter House) is an exceptionally well-preserved ecclesiastical town of the Spiš region (German name - Zipser region). It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Levoča, Spiš Castle and the associated cultural monuments.

In the 11th and 12th centuries, the St. Martin Monastery was founded due to the road Via Magna leading from Poland over Spiš region into Western Europe. In the 12th century it became the seat of abbey and in the early 13th century the Spišská Kapitula evolved into the religious center of the whole Spiš region. The present form of the medieval town is the result of the successive remodellings and additions in the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles.

The old medieval town of Levoča (old German name - Leutschau) is still surrounded by most of its 2.5 km long city walls with monumental gates. The historical square boasts three major monuments: Old Town Hall (built in 15th-17th centuries), Lutheran church (1837) and Church of St. James.

The square is very well preserved and contains a number of striking buildings which were the town-houses of the local nobility in the late Middle Ages. The second biggest church in Slovakia, the Church of St. James from the 14th century, houses a magnificent late-Gothic wooden carved altar, officially the highest Gothic wooden altar in the World (18.62 m high), created by Master Paul around 1520.

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