Univerzita P.J. Šafárika Institute of Experimental Physics SAS Centre of Low Temperature Physics

Cryoconference 2010 - Young researchers

Series of Conferences and Training Courses Marie Curie Advanced Cryogenics Course

The aim of this conference is to allow young and excellent researchers and engineers in Cryogenics and Low Temperature Physics present and discuss with their peers and a few senior scientists their most relevant results. The Cryoconference 2010 is hosted by the Centre of Low Temperature Physics, the joint research centre of P.J. Šafárik University and Institute of Experimental Physics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Košice, Slovakia, and will be held 9-15 September 2010.

During the 5-day conference, there will be every day a lecture given by a senior scientist reviewing a technical subject of common interest and a review lecture. The body of the conferences will consist of presentations by young scientists, in particular those who attended the former Courses.

All costs (including travel) can be covered for participants meeting the eligibility conditions of Marie Curie Training events. Reduced fees, covering full board (although no travel) will be made available to students not eligible.


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